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Content Marketing is bound to fail without any strategy. Majority of the startup founders and marketing professionals underestimate the power of Content Marketing, because of the time it consumes to execute it. What needs to be realised is that it’s positive impact is directly proportional to the time invested.

What is content marketing in first place?

Though, there is a lot of literature around this simple topic, many of the audience doesn’t have the real understanding around it. As an agency,we help our clients understand the real advantage in the leverage of content marketing.

In simple words, content marketing is the process of generating and distributing content on various digital platforms to promote any product or a company.

What is Content marketing strategy

Now, since we know what content marketing is all about, let’s go a step further to attain more clarity on content marketing strategy. At Moholla, we never see strategy as a mere plan, we see strategy as a path to success with a set of milestones along it’s way.

Content marketing strategy involves various platforms, different media and a handful of content creators.

Content marketing strategy is a perfect plan that can lay a digital path for the audience to learn more about the brand’s values, vision and services via social media and web.

Two cents on how to do your ground work ?

As a modern digital agency, we predominantly spend our time in learning and understanding more about the behaviours of consumers/clients on social media. Social media is one powerful place where 60% of our ground work happens. Once we collect all of our observations on social media, we draw personas associated with the brand’s segment or vertical.

On the other end, we have the web. Understanding the behaviour of audience on web is relatively easy compared to the social media, but it takes more time to create content for the web. The reason being, format of content for the web is either in the blogs, white papers or textual.

Four pillars for your Strategy

As the title suggests, this article gives you a direction on how to design and execute a content marketing strategy that works for any company.

  1. Draw your Personas

Make sure that you have the personas ready before you actually plan the strategy. Meaning, invest more time in researching your audience behaviour. Try to make two sets of personas, one for the social media and the other for the web. Again, behaviours of your audience on social media differs from one platform to the other. For the same reason, you need to invest more time in research as there are so many factors that needs to be considered before drawing the personas.

2. Decide on the formats

Based on the social media and different personas identified, you need to be in a position to decide on the format of the content. Explore Various types of content that suits your context and audience. Try to repurpose content as much as you can to save time, while keeping a check on the tone and message of your content.

3. Always Spread the Word

Magic doesn’t happen by just posting your content. Always try to let the world know that you own a share of expertise in the industry that you belong to. Let your content speak volumes about your experiences, team and abilities. Influencer Marketing is one effective way to spread your content like wild fire. You can also plan a set of sponsored campaigns to promote your previous achievements, culture or expertise ( Content type: White papers, testimonials etc.,.). Email Marketing is yet another classic way to help your content reach more audience.

4. Measure, Measure

The most interesting part of any marketing effort is to see it’s results. Incorporating the right tools and checkpoints to capture and analyse the responses can help you tweak your campaigns for better results. Make sure that the CTAs are properly set up. Any goof up in the CTAs can alter the fate of your efforts.

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