Brand marketing will never fail, if you do these

Are you in the process of building a brand? Are you dreaming to build a great brand? Are you a proud owner of some brand? If you are someone from the above categories, i would recommend you to read through my thoughts thoroughly.

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Let me start with my personal thought.

I very much feel, brand is not something that sells, it’s something which connects. Something that connects consumer with a commodity, with practices, with values and with discipline. If we can understand this simple philosophy, Right on, we are all set to go.

If  you didn’t understand. Leave a comment, i would love to explain.

If you are still interested in narrowing it down, success of any human is always around selling. Selling is Everything.

Selling music, Selling stories, selling needs, selling support, selling help, selling luxury, selling experiences is pretty much any brand can do. Only if you can analyse and understand where you fit in all the above, i would recommend you to read further.

Since you know what your brand sells now, you look at your long terms goals.

Think as stupid as you can, what might be  your company doing after many decades. If something comes close to reality, set your vision right there.

That is it.

You are all set to brand your market, meaning it’s time for the real deal, the Strategy. Writing a vision statement is a very important job, it might look tiny, but it’s the foundation for your future. Spend more time on the vision that can help you define your current and future tasks.

Symptoms of A clear vision 

  • First thing, You feel very very confident about yourselves
  • Brand extensions or Brand itself will start communicating to you
  • You will start seeing a similar tone across all your content and design ideas
  • You’ll find comfort in explaining your brand’s offerings
  • You’ll not stop sharing it with your friends and family
  • You will get way too active on social media

A lot of small to medium business owners confuses strategy with marketing. Flyers, cold calls, connections and this and that is all fine, but the strategies must be clear in terms of product, usability, positioning, values, hiring, customer service, brand visuals and most importantly the content. Well strategised content can act like magnets attracting other forces that shares similar visions.

A killer strategy will only work only if the following things are in check.

Build a website that talks to your audience, interactions are old

You don’t need a slick website that has all the Avenger effects and captures no behaviour of the audience. Website should be one of the major source for our traffic. You might have made the most beautiful website that internet have ever seen, but if your search engines or your users are not seeing it, then there is some serious problem. Every website has the potential to be a hero if your strategy is right. Extracting behaviours of your personas plays a major role in building the future of your brand. Call to Actions and useful content are the hooks that we need to look at.

Product First, Culture Next

I have seen many startup founders investing a ton of money and time on building the identities and the culture. There is nothing wrong, but we need to look on the other side of the coin as well. A brand helps our consumers to connect with an emotion, where as a product helps our brand to connect to our consumers. Culture doesn’t just consider the behaviour of internal employees with each other but also emphasises on the behaviour with consumers and other partners. Trust me, a good product always gives immense power to the marketing and sales team to fight the market. A good product is capable of handling 50% of it’s marketing. Culture alone is not branding.

Invest some time in Personal Branding

I will to explain in a very plain language. We make friends with those individuals who have similar thoughts or interests. And the world is not small, with the freedom of post on social media we can now find a group of people who has similar thoughts. They become your followers, if they preach they become your fans. It’s always good to have a set of friends, followers and fans who can help you guide through your vision.True entrepreneurs brand’s vision and there vision are always the same. It’s because of the fact that they breath in and out their brand’s vision every moment. Sharing wise or useful thoughts around the vision and end goals will always get you a fruit as a big surprise. Personal branding is the need of our hour.

Never ever ignore Influencers

There is a big misconception in the corporate world that influencers are some celebrities. They aren’t from another planet, Influencers are our human junctions where many other’s train of thoughts pass by. They bring the communities that have similar perspectives and practices at one virtual place with their useful content. Influencers helps in setting up a podium for a brand to connect with it’s community. Identifying the right influencer for your business is a time taking process, as it involves a lot of research and communication. Sending out our brand message through their narratives is an usual practice in the digital world. There are many agencies who can help you in identifying the influencers at a very effective price. You just need to look around and influence.

I could have listed more tips, but i would like you to return to read more from me. However, i wish the best to all my enthusiasts, and would recommend you to focus more on the strategy to market your brand with the right set of products/services.

Remember you can also be a Brand

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